Kuching, Malaysia Travel Guide

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and Borneo most populous city. Kuching’s colorful history reads like an adventure novel. With its architectural and cultural treasures, it has a lot to offer visitors to this city. We advise you to set some days aside to truly appreciate this magical city. There are several museums you can explore in Kuching. Prominent among them is the Sarawak Museum. It is considered one of the finest museums in Southeast Asia. You will also find many historic buildings here such as the Astana which is the former palace of the white Rogers and the Fort Margherita.

There are many national parks close to Sarawak, they include Semenggoh and Matang Wildlife centers where you can see orangutans, Kubah with its rare orchids and palms, Kuching Wetlands with a fascinating mangrove ecosystem, Gunung Gading where you will see giant rafflesia flowers, and Baki which houses the rare proboscis monkey. There are also hundreds of Bidayuh and Iban longhouses within easy traveling distance. Sarawak’s main resort area is Damai that is located on the nearby Santubong Peninsula. You can also explore Kuching by visiting the rainforest and Bako or go on a longhouse trip. After the rigors of jungle trekking, you can relax on the beach.

Kuching has many modern skylines and the city’s heart pulsates with vibrant markets, houses, shops, and lanes that have only changed a bit in the past decades. Kuching is popular for its beautiful sunsets and it is a city that stays up late as visitors and locals mingle in the many restaurants, bars, and cafes along the waterfront. Kuching is also a perfect place to explore the surrounding beach resorts and national parks. One of the best ways you can experience this area is by peddling up the river on one of the kayak tours.

Like many cities and towns in Kuching, the reason for Kuching’s existence and its focal point is the river. The best way to get your first experience of this beautiful island is to hire a sampan to meander you slowly through the Sarawak River. You will get the chance to see a wooden-roofed palace, an entire street of Chinese stop houses from the 19th century, a Victorian fort, a golden mosque as well as a Malay Village set against the distant mountainous background.

Kuching is immersed in nature’s sights and sounds as well as a green whirl of towering trees, you will experience a Borneo that changed a bit over the years. This city is home to friendly and relaxed people and it is so close to the best of Sarawak. It is easy to see why this city is considered one of the best-kept secrets of Malaysia.

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