Visit to Bahamas

Located just 50 miles off the Florida coast, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration filled with a unique blend of ethnicity and cultures. Nassau on the island of New Providence is the capital city and the heart of the Bahamas. With 70 percent of the population living here, it is the commercial and economic center of the Commonwealth.

Straw Market
Stroll by the straw market on Bay Street for some beautiful, handcrafted straw bags. Walk a bit further and check out the flamingo pink Parliament building near Ross and square. If you are feeling adventurous, climb the sixty-five steps of the Queen staircase – one step for each year of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Aquaventure Waterpark
If you are traveling with kids, head to Atlantis on Paradise Island. They can experience all the pools rapids and water slides they can handle at Aquaventure Waterpark.

Long Island
165 miles southeast of Nassau is Long Island. Far from the bustle of Nassau as big-city life, it provides a perfect getaway of beautiful beaches, white churches, and some traditional Bahamian cuisine. One of the biggest draws to Long Island is Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s deepest blue sinkhole. At 663 feet deep, this massive natural phenomenon is a favorite for both snorkelers and divers who come to explore its mysterious depths.

Abaco Islands
Though the outer islands of the Bahamas might be described as sleepy, the Abaco Islands will be the first to shake off the snooze. Yachtsman and divers flock to this glittering crescent of islands and keys for sailing, reef diving, and sunny ports of call.

Man O’War Cay
On Man O’War Cay, you can see how the boat building tradition has been passed down over the centuries. You can watch the local artisans working on their handmade bags. Strolling through this friendly town is a real treat for any visitor.

Hope Town
Just a short ferry ride away, a candy-striped lighthouse watches over the colorful homes within Hope Town. The town’s history can be found at the Y Annie Malone Museum which houses artifacts from the record years when the town made a living salvaging the ships that wrecked on its shores. Today life in Hope town is much more laid-back, take a walk through town on one of the many narrow footpaths and you will soon feel like part of the community.

Harbour Island
Escape to Harbour Island in Eleuthera with a rich and famous a rumor to hide out and visit pink sands beach. Grab your golf cart and head inland to Dunmore Town, a hundred year old village lined with quiet streets and colorful wooden homes. This small area boasts some of the best colonial architecture in the Bahamas.

Exuma Islands
If you want to get off the beaten path, head to the Exuma islands where you can relax on the beach, swim in turquoise water, snorkel near one of the many caves, or mingle with some of the island’s local inhabitants.

With so many possibilities, it’s easy to see why the Bahamas continued to be one of the world’s most famous island getaways.

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